Jul 9, 2009


If you believe in a higher power I ask you to pray for my little adopted granddaughter. She was in car wreck, and is at MCV, where she is reportedly in a coma after suffering a brain injury. She has been through so much in her short life, and she is a beautiful young woman, just beginning her life.

EJ met Liz in 1997, and they became a couple. EJ became the father to 15 month old Amber, and she became the light in his eyes. Liz, god love her, was not the easiest person to live with, but they stayed together, and EJ helped her raise two more children. For ten years they made a life together, until Travis died. EJ moved out, but for whatever reasons, they were always in close contact with each other, by phone, or visits. EJ had wanted to marry her, but Liz refused. Liz wanted the world, wanted so many things for herself and her children. Ultimately, she lost custody of her two daughters, and on January 2, 2007 she died of an overdose.

EJ was devasted, and blamed himself for a long time. He felt he had lost everything, and still does to some degree. He is trying desperately to rebuild his life, but now, he is terrified that Amber will not recover. She means as much to him as Travis meant to me. She is his daughter, whether he is her real father or not.

I love Amber as I would my granddaughter, and the last time I saw her, we hung out, watched a movie together and talked about many things. She is mature for her age, but I guess that is natural, as she has been through so many changes.

Please pray for this child. And pray for my son, that God should grant him strength to face whatever he must face.

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SJ said...

I am so sorry to hear that. Am keeping her in my thoughts and sending her good wishes.