Jul 8, 2012

Well, look at this. Yesterday it was January, and here it is today already, and the middle of June, or thereabouts, and I have moved again. This time to a little town on the Potomac river. It is actually a summer community, meaning the rich folks from the city who can actually afford a summer place, come here to ride around the one lane in gulf carts and show off their Potomac tans. We have now been assimilated into the locals, which means, I guess, the poorer people who live here all year long! Wow, and it feels like I just got here!

There is no stoplight in the town here, but there is a post-office and a bank. There are 3 convenience stores that are not further than 6 or 7 miles away. Talk about convenience, whoo! There is 1 school that my little adopted grand-daughter will be going to next year, in kindergarten, and I already anticipate having a few verbal altercations with unsuspecting and probably in the right teachers there. How they do this work of teaching today, in this society, with cellphones and texting, and all the other methods of inattention, I have no idea. They must be made of stronger stuff than I.

I am awaiting the birth of my (we think, almost are sure) grandson. EJ is going to be a proud papa, and he guards his woman well. He is doing great at the moment, and perhaps some of the ghosts and demons of the past are finally losing their grip on him. He will also be a grandfather soon. I know that sounds strange, but its how he sees it, and how we all see it. His step-daughter will be having a boy, before he has his son, I think. I know, it sounds like we are from West Virginia, or Arkansas or somewhere deep in the hills of no-man's land, but we are here in what is called Cole's Point VA.

I do have two other grandchildren by Travis's widow, and one by the love of his life, Lorena. Lorena allows me access to my grandson, Tristan. Travis' widow does not. I figure they will come to me someday demanding answers, and I will welcome them with open arms. I just hope I am still above ground when that happens.

Well, here I am ending with a shoutout to the Holtons in Texas, and Roberts in California. You know who you are!!

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