Jul 8, 2012


Well, look at this! Here it is May already! The first day of May to be exact. I guess that makes this May day. If I had a May pole, I might actually dance around it with flowers in my hair. Things have been going good for us Youngbloods living here in Virginia. My son is doing well at his job, and soon to have a brand new baby with his beautiful girlfriend. (I am already planning the wedding in my head, but they haven't said anything about such a thing happening.)

 I am almost finished with my hateful school work, which is very difficult. You think your doctor is hard to understand during a typical office visit? Just try to transcribe one of his surgical reports. While they are chewing gum or burping! It is one of those hair pulling scenarios.

My son's girlfriend has a little almost 5 year old girl, I have just fallen in love with this child. She is very smart, creative, protective, and has a wonderful sense of humor. She will come and tell me something one of her imaginary friends have done, and puts that hand on her hip and says, "Seriously, he (Cecil or Tada??) is being bad, and he hit Lily (her babydoll rabbit). So, he is in time out." When she gets mad she lets you know and does not tolerate rudeness. My cat Sasha has finally figured out she's staying for the long haul so has learned to accept the fact. She hides a lot in the closet. I do too.

She loves to draw pictures of her feelings, which of course, she doesn't know she is doing. She will draw a picture of me and her, and we will be smiling and holding hands. She draws Sasha, too. When she gets mad, she draws pictures of me with big funky teeth, which makes me think that trip to the dentist is long overdue. I laugh my head off, which of course, infuriates her, and here comes another funky tooth picture. She has not exactly bonded with EJ. In private moments she refers to him as "asshole". I have no idea where she heard that word. I tell her (while trying to hide the fact that I am laughing) she shouldn't say that, but then I do laugh and she does too, and it becomes our little secret laugh. God knows I do not believe my son is an asshole (though we all have a little asshole in us, you know??), but hearing it from a 5-year-old mouth is just funny to me. Seriously.

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