Jun 22, 2009

My friend Roger is out of the ICU and in a private room now. He is getting better because he's getting more whiney. Even though he can't talk right now because of his tracheotomy, he can write, and he sure can point! He is not supposed to have anything by mouth, (NPO)but he continually points to you and asks you to get water for him. I won't and he hates me for it, but I would rather he hate me and come home sooner, than he love me, and get pneumonia again.

I haven't seen him in two days, but I'm going tomorrow for sure. I really miss him. A lot. I tell the staff I am his girlfriend so they think I'm like family. Of course, I probably have about 50 lbs. more...ah...muscle will call it, than Roger, so we look like those typical trailer park couples you see every where. Nothing against trailer parks, I live in one, and I like it, but I know you've seen them at the Walmart or somewhere. The great big wife, and the little bitty husband, and you start wondering how in the world know..

I have made some new friends, but its hard for me to trust people straight off, so I guess they are on probation. Like the lady I met. She keeps bringing me fat clothes knowing full well that I am trying my damnedest to lose all this extra weight. What's up with that? I just say thank you, cause I am polite. But it makes me wonder. I guess I should just be grateful she thinks enough of me to bring me anything.

Oh, well, time will tell I guess. Actually, since I've starting my bike riding I've met a lot of people. I'm one of those people that can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. That doesn't mean I say much about me, I mostly just listen. I'll tell you this much, there are a lot of lonely people in this world. A lot.


SJ said...

A very huge lot which is ironic since logically they could all be pals with some of the others. It doesn't work that way.

Spadoman said...

All the best to Roger.

So, you started bike riding? Are you peddling your ass all over town? (Hahahahaha)

Good to be back. I was on a long motorcycle journey and it was wonderful. Good to see you writing again. I'll be back.

Peace and Love.

Sling said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of bicycling!
I haven't driven a car in over ten years,and manage to get pretty much everywhere I need to go.
I hope your friend Roger has a speedy recovery.

just me said...

Actually I love riding my bike. Roger got it for me from the dump and fixed it up. It works for me.

sling, good to see you here.

spado, glad you had a good time.

SJ, Nope, it doesn't seem to work that way. Kinda wierd, huh?

Stephen Rader said...

Someone I just met who starts bringing me their fat clothes is less "probation" and more "justifiable homicide." You're nicer than I would be in that situation.

I'm trying to lose the extra weight too, but it's a bitch. Especially because, as I type this, I'm devouring a bag of chips. Oy...

Hope your friend is doing better.