Dec 4, 2008

I went to the doctor today.  First I ran down to check on a neighbor to make sure she was all right, then stopped to feed the Catlady's cats, as she is in a nursing home right now.  (More about the Catlady in another post.)  I waited for my ride to come and pick me up, and was lucky this time, as the driver was a really nice guy.  As I have no car now, I can get transportation through Medicaid.  This helps me enormously.  I really miss my car.  The next time I get a car I will treasure it immensely.

Things were good with the doctor, but coming home, I shared my cab ride with a lady who seemed to have a great many problems.  As it turns out, her daughter was taken from her when she was 15 and put up for adoption.  She asked about my children, and I told them about EJ and Travis.  The driver, an older man, told how he  had lost two sons, so he really understood so much about how I feel.

This evening we watched Stepbrothers with Will Ferrell.  It was hilarious, and quite touching at times.  I enjoyed it. I kept thinking Travis would have liked it.  

I have been looking for all my Christmas movies to get me in the mood for the holidays.  This weekend we will probably decorate the house and put up our tree.  I remember my father's last Christmas.  I believe he knew it was going to be his last, as we kept the tree up for two or three weeks after Christmas.  It was very sad, yet somehow beautiful.

So many to miss this holiday season.  Perhaps its best to celebrate the time we have with each other while we still can.  This I will try to do. 


SJ said...

I like what you said about celebrating the time we have with each other.

Mary said...

I think that's a perfect idea.

Anne said...

You kind of have to focus on and enjoy the present. If you don't, it will slip right past you while you're grieving for the past.

Be careful, it sounds like you're fixin' to inherit a truckload of cats. Haha!

just me said...

Well said, all.