Sep 14, 2008

Prayers needed

I am a spiritual person. I know it may not seem like it with the language I use, but I am. I don't think God is as nit picking as we make him out to be. I think many times we give God human failings, that he probably doesn't possess. I have taken to reading about the Gnostic view of faith and learning, and I like it. Anyway, I am making a request.

My oldest son is going through one of the more difficult times he has faced in his life. If anyone out there prays, please include him in your thoughts. If you don't pray then please send good thoughts his way.

I have been hanging around today, trying to make a prayer circle for him. It doesn't matter to me what name you give your God, its your faith that counts.

I guess we are both going through a rough time, but, hopefully we'll make it. Sometimes I wonder if I am being punished for my past transgressions. Then I think that is probably not the case at all. Life has been very confusing in many ways these past three years. But life finds a way. I pray my son does too.


SJ said...

I am sending good thoughts and will be sending more.

Craze said...

I will definately send some prayers your way. Sorry it's a rough time for your family.

dawn said...

You and yours are always in my thoughts and will definetly be sending your way, if you need me e

Gary said...

Everyone goes through rough times, so don't worry about it. it will pass. Things will fall into places again. This is the time that your faith is being tested by God. Just Hold on to it.

Maithri said...

Saying a prayer for you both,

Love, M

just me said...

Thank you all for your kindness, prayers, and thoughts. It is so very much appreciated.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I've added your both ot my daily prayer list.

Mary said...

You are always on my busy mind too. I will continue to send lots of love and prayers your way. XO