Sep 28, 2008

The Debates, what else?

Things are slowly improving on the home front, which is a blessing.  Soon there will be a new member to our household.  My roommate is in the hospital giving birth even as I write this.  I was supposed to be there with her, but haven't found a ride yet.


I watched the first presidential debate.  I think a new rule should be instated, a rule giving Barak Obama the option of walking across the stage and beating the crap out of John McCain.  When he brought up his experience of being in Iraq when troops re-inlisted, I wanted to choke him.  He had nothing to do with their choices to re-inlist.  And I wonder how many re-inlistments were a direct result of soldiers not wanting to leave their comrades-in-arms?  One would think that if anyone knew about the power of survivor's guilt, John McCain would!

The only other thing that jumped out at me while watching the debates was Jim Leher's frustration at trying to get the candidates to answer the questions. Maybe Judge Judy should moderate the next debate.."It's a simple yes or no answer..." 

If John McCain had dropped anymore names, I would have puked.  Does he think that trying to associate himself with Ronald Reagan will endear him to the voters he is trying to entice: The younger voters, who, I believe, can smell bullshit a mile away?

Why wouldn't John McCain look directly at Barak Obama?  What's that about?  I thought he must have been too scared...


I watched a wonderful movie this morning, Rebecca.  If you have never watched this movie, I hope you do sometime.  And thank God no one has decided to do a remake.  The movie is absolute perfection. 


SJ said...

Glad to hear good tidings from the home front.

Ignoring the politics as much as I can we have more than enuf of it in my country anyway :)

Babzy said...

Deb - I'm all caught up with your posts. I'm so sorry you and your boy have been going through a rough time. Now I'm kicking my own ass that I had stopped checking your blog. But I often have you in my thoughts. That never stopped. I hope things are getting better for both of you.

On one of your posts you asked "how can we accept things we cannot change?".

My beliefs align with Mary's.(Hi Mary). Look for the lessons that will feed your spirituality. Going through the learning process usually isn't pretty and silvery. More the colour of fire or mud.

Babzy said...

That Palin woman is like every smug and righteous noodle-head that ever faked her way into a board room. Picking her for VP and to represent women is so insulting to women.

I want Hillary dammit! Oh yah I forgot. It doesn't matter what I want. Right Moose?

just me said...

Sorry about the politics, SJ. Its just so important to our country....

Babzy, good to see you here again! I agree with you about Palin!