May 25, 2008

Memorial Day

I remember Memorial Day as being a time of shopping, sales, going to the beach, and an extra day to just have fun. I'm not having fun this year. I am remembering. I am remembering you, my son, and how much we miss you. Your laughter, your kindness, your thoughtfulness. I miss you so much it hurts. And here you are, seemingly frozen in time at the age of 26.

I think of the conversations we had, of all the things you did to help me get through rough times in my life. You helped me just by being you. Such a good decent man taken so soon, it doesn't seem fair. I try to remember all the others who have fallen serving our country, but I am selfish in my memories. I can only think of you.

I have a CD that has pictures of you. I can watch it and see you talking and laughing again. I can see you with your young family, with your friends. But it hurts too much to watch it.

I am so very proud of you. For standing up for your beliefs, for your courage and dedication, for serving your country, despite what others may say. I wish we could have had more time, Travis. I wish you would have had more time with your wife and children. God bless and keep you.

My love for you Travis. Always and forever.


alphonsedamoose said...


No said...

What a fitting tribute, Deb. Hope you're doing okay today. God Bless Travis.

Mary said...

Amen is right. And here is a big hug for you Deb. X0

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Amen and blessings to you,Deb. Your words have touched my heart.

dawn said...

Amen and beautiful tribute Deb, I'm sure he's looking down and smiling. Then he's gonna tell you to get to it Mom and live. I love ya girl

Catmoves said...

Sorry this is late Deb, but I wanted you to know I have felt your pain.
Thank you for all your kindness.

Craze said...

Freedom isn't free is it? Very touching post, I'm so sorry for you loss and grateful for his service.