Aug 23, 2012

Grandsons and TV

My newest grandson is getting closer and closer. He is due in December, and his mom has decided his first name must begin with a C. I favor Cole, Collin, Chase, Chance, or Chad. His middle name will be Riley. His mom is thinking a lot of Christian. At least when he gets in trouble, he'll be called by his name, "Christ, what have you done this time!!" I don't know. I love the names Micheal and David. There are so many wonderful names that don't begin with a C. But who knows what the child will be called. As long as he is healthy, that is all that really matters. I have been thinking about some of the names celebrities give their children and what on earth possessed them to do so. Take Blanket, for instance: (Michael Jackson's son). What was he thinking?? Or Rumor (Demi Moore's daughter). I mean its cute for about 3 minutes and then you start thinking about it. Oh, such is life.

There has been a great deal of most likely purposeful controversy, meaning it was started on purpose to get people talking about the show, about Stars and Stripes. Evidently, celebrities try to complete military type operations and the winner gets to donate his winnings to military specific causes. This is a great idea and a great way to raise money for these charities, so I really can't see any controversy about it at all.

It used to be when you wanted to watch TV, there were actual programs that were comedies, variety shows, mysteries, dramas, crime stories that featured real-live actors acting. Now it has become the age of reality TV. I hate it myself. Well, I like Top Chef, but that is very educational as well as exciting. The drama seems to lesson each season and focus more on food choice, preparation, and skill. And then we have Call of the Wildman, or some such mess where a man, who seems very nice and cordial, (but who desperately needs to get some much needed dental care),  chases skunks, raccoons, possums, and other little critters around in people's attacks with his bare hands. Can anyone out there say rabies?? These little critters all come with assorted claws and teeth and temperaments that are not conductive to safe handling by humans. I guess what bothers me the most is that some people will try this method themselves, and suffer injuries.

What is it with our society that we only seem to watch the antics of people who lack social skills or shows about the supernatural, such as vampires, zombies, and other assorted creatures? I guess with the economy and the hardships people face today with securing and keeping a job, the scramble to stay 1 step away from the street, we are looking for an escape. Anything to take our minds off of ourselves and our own miseries. It must be so farfetched and outlandish that it contains no elements of reality. That way we can feel safe for a while. We know it isn't real, it will never be real, and that is what attracts us. I, myself, love TrueBlood and Walking with the Dead. I also watch period dramas that supposedly reflect history and that way I can pick them apart.

Then there is Graham Norton, who I absolutely adore. If I want to laugh, that is where I go. He has such a marvelous way of defusing any kind of stress or drama, and everyone seem so comfortable on his show, except perhaps for Kristen Stewart. A local PBS station here is airing I, Claudius this Saturday, and guess where I will be?

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