Sep 2, 2010

We are all sitting around here wondering what the hell Earl is going to do.  Earl.  Sounds like an uncle that drinks and burps and drops cigarette ashes all over your freaking house. "This here's my uncle Earl.  He just dropped in for few days, said he was in the area, don't know how long he's staying or where he's going next.  He's allright once you get to know him!"

The thing about this hurricane is that I feel like the people in New Orleans a little bit, facing Katrina. The weather channel is banking on a cold front to turn the hurricane.  But what do we do if it doesn't?

I just don't think people are taking this as seriously as they should. For me, I staying right here.  I have no transportation, everything I hold dear is right here. So, I'm hoping that things go as they are predicting.

Back in the day when we lived in Pensacola, we were hit by Hurricane Frederick, who made landfall close to Mobile, which was a good jump away. The thing I remember most, is worrying about my babies, and seeing the giant oak tree in the back yard, a massive tree, bending and swaying all night like a sapling in the wind. It was frightening but amazing at the same time. I remember the clouds boiling in the sky, heading our way, a huge line of purple and gray rolling through the sky.

Even if the eye of this hurricane is 75 miles off shore we are still going to have a lot of wind and water.  I will tell you tomorrow or the next day, or whenever, what happens. 

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