Aug 20, 2010

Nancy Pelosi on Ground Zero

OK, there's this big debate going on about the building a Mosque close to ground Zero.  Where the twin towers were.  I guess the anger about this comes from the word "Mosque" meaning a place where Muslims will worship.  And the word "Muslim" conjures up the word "Terrorist".  Well, if that is the case then the word "Jew" would conjure up the word "holocaust" and then the word "Nazi", and we would assume that all Germans are Nazi's, and I know for a fact they are not.

By not letting a mosque be built on what we now consider to be sacred ground, as so many lost their lives there, we are denying the basic principle on what our country was founded.  Freedom of religion is why we are all here.  The pilgrims came here to get out of the repressive society they found themselves in regarding religion.  It was either come here, or be burned as a heretic.  It would mean that all those who have fought and died defending the principles of this country and our Constitution are getting a big slap in the face.

I say go ahead, build your Mosque, worship as you wish.  Not every Muslim is a terrorist, not every Arab is a terrorist, not every person from the middle east is a terrorist.  We have got to stop the racial profiling sometime.


dawn said...

Hi girl,
I agree what most aren't saying is the mosque is not at ground zero but 3 blocks away, someone timed it and it takes 3 minutes to walk there. I believe our country was built on religous freedom and they should get over it, it is not on sacred ground. Do you know on ground zero they are building an underground mall . Its a riduculous argument. Hope all is well with you!!

SJ said...

You always amaze me with your broad mindedness