May 25, 2010


I am in school again, yes, my old ass is back in school.  I am learning Medical Coding and billing and it is very, very challenging.  As all billing is done electronically now, I learning to navigate the billing software, learning the procedure codes and diagnostic codes, and trying my best to keep my head above water.  I'm hoping this class I'm currently enrolled in will net me at least a B.  The first two I got A's in.  Oh, let's do the happy dance.

Ok, I'm done.  My goal is to work from home, maybe start my own business if I live that long. HA!  I hear from my son EJ and he is doing well.  He cooks for the CO's in his jail, and is a trustee.  The greatest thing is that he is learning to cope without any substance what so ever.  He is getting into physical fitness, and works out every day.

My depression, as always, seems to ebb and flow, from day to day.  Some days I feel hopeless, some days I feel amazing, the bipolar ride.  I'm feeling the need to write again, something I have abandoned for awhile now.  Don't ask me why, it just walked up and slapped me on the head!

My friend R was arrested for driving on a suspended license, so I hooked him up with EJ's lawyer, a marvelous man, a fine man, and an excellent lawyer.  I don't know what's going to happen with R, as he may be designated a habitual offender, here in the great Commonwealth of VA.  The laws in this state are wack, and there is no longer the Miranda law, it seems. I always thought when they handcuffed a person, you were being arrested, and the next step was to recite your miranda rights, but, hey, not so, not in VA.  I think this is a kickback of sorts from the Patriot Act.

I have a new friend, S, and I love her to death.  She has been a very good influence on my life.  And of course, I have my new daughter, Lorena Marty, and my new grandson Tristan.  I love them both so much.  I can't tell you the joy they have brought to me.  I am truly blessed in many, many ways.  And I can see that light, there!, right there, at the end of this tunnel!


SJ said...

Don't get sent to the principal's office.

SJ said...

Unless you are attracted to him of course ;)

just me said...

As I'm taking the course totally online, I guess it would be a webcam, and damn, if I want to see the principal in his undershorts...or worse, without them! HA!

dawn said...

My god Deb congrats on your grandson thats wonderful!! So much is going on I wish i could speak to you sometimes. My son lost his miond for a while and
i'm trying really hard to put him on track kindof like EJ . His girl does not help she usually sets him off and i have found her to be so selfish. We will know what the baby is Friday and I wish it was October already so my son will see that the world won't end. I am hanging in there though. Anyhow medical billing is great I am a registered medical assistant since 1983 . It helped me get the job I have now and the skills you are learning will always be in need. Wow I can't believe you found your grandson thats mindblowing