Mar 26, 2010

So, it's been forever since I posted anything here. Many times I have come here to write, but life just hasn't given me anything good to write about. So, here's what's happening.

I am dealing with the fact that my oldest son is in jail for at least the next six months for doing something not so much harmful to anyone, as something just plain stupid. By being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person. Enough said.

He is handling everything very well. He's become a trustee and cooks for the staff. He keeps busy working out, and calls me regularly. I wish things were different but there not, so I just have to go on. Like in that movie, "Alien" when the actor John Hurt? says, "We must go on, we must go on..." Boy, was he wrong.

Because I have diabetes and peridontitus, I have lost most of my teeth. The only problem is I can't afford any new ones. And anyway, I don't have any transportation to get there and get my discount dentures anywho.  Whenever I look in the mirror I see my mom looking right back at me.  Scary, huh? Right now, I have no food in the house, except some bread and two cans of soup, which isn't too bad, cause I can't eat anything anyway. Being on disability sucks. It sucks balls.

I started an accredited online course in Medical Coding and I love it. I got a financial aid package that someday will have to be repaid. HA! So, I have to get work as a Coder or something similar when I am through. Don't know quite how I'm going to do it yet, but I will.  Seems like I owe everyone money, and someday I will pay it back, God willing. 

My young friend Chris still rents a room from me, and he pays me a little for staying here. That helps out a lot. But, the biggest thing, the most wonderful thing to happen to me is that I have finally located my missing grandson. He is part Phillapino and he is wonderful. His mother has become like a daughter to me, and she is very precious. She sent me a copy of his birth certificate so I know it is true. His mom is working in Hong Kong, and trying her best to take care of him. When I get her approval, I will publish a picture of him here. My hope is that we can meet one day.*

*I found him, Travis.

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SJ said...

I am glad to know you found your grandson. How did they end up so far off hope you can find the time to post about that someday.