Dec 28, 2009

I stole this from Stephen

What Book are you?

You're The Good Earth!

by Pearl S. Buck

While claiming to be more sophisticated than most, you yearn for simpler times out on the farm. You like a good familial drama as much as the next person, but mostly believe in the value of a hard day's labor. There are some serious questions about your ability to accurately judge others and some believe your perspective on others is quaint at best and grossly inaccurate at worst. Still, you talk about folks that no one else around you is, so that's important.

If you were a type of estate, it would be real.

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What's wierd about this is that Pearl S. Buck
was born in WV.  (Well, she lived there about two months..) And there's nothing hillbillies like better than fending for themselves.  "What, you got a third degree burn?  Well, put this lin root on it and it will draw out the fire.." 

And the cure all for everything when I was growing up was some God-awful concoctions called Pepsin.  Just thinking of it makes me want to puke.

West Virginian's love their vegatable gardens, too.  It's like a contest of who can grow the biggest, juiciest, tastiest whatever.  My dad was the king of potatoes.   My mom would roast them in the oven,  and they were so good.  I always ate the skin on mine.  Loved it.  Still do.

Anyway, this sort of makes sense to me.

Stephen, of course, was the Bible!


SJ said...

Mine doesn't make a lot of sense :)

You're The Moon is a Harsh Mistress!
by Robert Heinlein
A freethinker, you are willing to go well outside the bounds of societal expectations in expressing what you believe. You yearn for simpler times out on the frontier when men were men and could take multiple wives or do whatever they wanted to without fear of the law. This recollection may be idealized and even nonsensical, but it doesn't keep you from advocating revolution against rules, wherever they may exist. While you really like the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey," you always thought HAL should have been the hero. Your favorite Canadian coin is the Loonie.

just me said...

I don't know SJ, kinda sounds familiar...