Oct 5, 2008

You Passed High School with an B

You have the brains of a high school graduate... at least!

Could You Pass High School?

This test is harder than it seems! It is, really!


Mary said...

I am not even going to take it. I just don't want to know. Is there math?

dawn said...

I totally failed this test funny because I was in the the society for honor students. Oh well

just me said...

Mary, yes it has math....I did what I did in high school, guessed!!

Dawn, I was in the Honor Society too, but didn't go to the induction ceremony because of a statement I was trying to make...I forget about what, exactly, but I think it was political...HA!

Leah said...

All I remember about high school is taking a double-dog dare to wear running shoes under my graduation gown.

The rest of high school is a blur but I'm going to try the test anyway. I'll report back.

Leah said...

Crap. I fayld hi skoool.