Aug 9, 2008

Back Again

I'm back again. I know that many of you will be able to sleep much more soundly tonight reading those words. :) (-Sarcasm) Life has been unreal the last couple of months. Things are steadily improving though.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life. My mother-in-law always used that as her intro to every letter I ever received from her, so I, being me, appropriated it for my own use. I like it.

I have a young couple staying with me now, and she is due to deliver a baby in about a month. A newborn infant. It's been awhile since I was around a little baby, but I am looking forward to it. I think. Yeah, I am. My oldest son is doing better than he has in years, which is wonderful. (Knock on Wood---[superstition])

I have dropped a few pounds, and the difference has really improved my blood sugar levels. I am totally amazed. Of course I'm also trying to avoid candy, cakes, pies, fats, breads, and sweet cereals. You know, all the good stuff, the comfort foods. I do miss chocolate, a lot!!

I am looking at our candidates for president very closely. I keep asking myself if I should be overly impressed by how they present themselves in the media. Should I concentrate more on what they have accomplished, rather than how good they sound, or how well they come across as intelligent and articulate? I must say it would be a pleasant change to have an articulate president.

So, who do you think is more articulate? Who do you think seems more presidential? I'm talking about media here, not necessarily who you want to vote for.


SJ said...

Welcome Back !!! Yay I get to be the first to welcome you back.

Babzy said...

I would vote for neither. I want Hillary not that it matters who I want.

How nice to read a post from you, Deb. Sounds like things are perking up.

I'm still on my blog vacation but will be back in a couple of weeks. Take care sweetie.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Good to see you. I am voting for Obama and with great enthusiasm. I really don't have a problem with McCain the man, but he is Republican and I've had it with those fools. I thought about writing my cat, Muffin, in, but when I saw that Obama was running, I made my choice.

No said...

Yeah, I have my mind set on Hillary for's hard not to think of anyone else...

Glad to see you back.

Babzy said...

Hi Deb,
Are you staying out of mischief? I certainly am. Poor old Bloggin' Babzy was all worn out so I had to kill her off and bury her in the "Garden of the Past" along with a few other characters, thought patterns, bad habits, and old shoes. In time I will be starting a brand new blog with a completely different focus and will send you the link. Until then enjoy the rest of the summer my friend. Take care.

dawn said...

Girl, it's about time I was getting worried. I'm so glad to hear about your son. Things are calm here too. I bought a new car and broke a tooth, thats pretty much my summer. I missed ya Hugs and Smooches

just me said...

Thanks for the kind words you guys. It makes me feel good.